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CCT Chairman, Umar Danladi Under Attack by Biafran Boys

Twitter users have reacted to the statement by the Chairman, Code of Conduct Tribunal, Umar Danladi.
Angry Nigerians attacked the CCT Chairman for using ‘Biafran boys’ in a statement where he denied assaulting a security guard at a plaza in Abuja.
Recall that we reported that the CCT Chairman was seen in a viral video on Tuesday assaulting the security guard.
However, in a statement signed by the CCT’s Head of Press & Public Relations of the CCT in Abuja, Ibraheem Al-Hassan, the Chairman who narrated his version of the incident, said the altercation happened because of parking space.
He claimed the guard was rude to him and that ‘Biafran Boys’ inflicted injuries on him in the process and damaged his windscreen.
His use of ‘Biafran Boys’ has now stirred reactions from Nigerians on social media who found such language as inciting the Igbos.
While some called for the sack of the CCT Chairman, others blatantly condemned the profiling of individuals at the plaza.
Here are some comments gathered by DAILY POST from Twitter;
@Sam Hart “ How did the Rwandan crisis escalate? Words were bandied about carelessly. A group of people were called cockroaches. Now in the year of our Lord 2021, an official of the Federal government is using an ethnic slur in Public Communication and there will not be consequences? I dare them.”
@CaptainArinze “ The ‘Biafran boys’ press release tells you everything you need to know about the union called Nigeria, and most especially, the mindset of the people leading us and their level of incompetence. The bigotry, nepotism, tribalism and hatred in the minds of these people is disturbing.”
@Kachizone “ Imagine the kind of press statement coming out from the office of a senior federal government official? This tells you how deep-rooted tribalism is among average northerners who always scream “one Nigerian.” We’re watching .”
@Eonyedum “ If I may ask how on earth would a Nigerian of Igbo ethnicity hope to get a fair trial instead of persecution under this so-called Justice of the CCT.”
@Ose_anenih “ BIAFRAN BOYS”?This bigot should be arrested for assault. He has no business being the head of a judicial tribunal.”
@EmmaIkumeh “ Biafran Boys’ That’s how the people in this APX government see people from the South East. Yet they say the word war is over. it’s really unfortunate and shameful.”
@JilbrinIbrahim “ Danladi Umar, chairman of the Code of Conduct Tribunal was caught on video physically assaulting a security man at Banex Plaza in Abuja saying the guard was “rude”. Then he issues a statement condemning Biafran boys. No decorum, totally unacceptable, he must be sacked.”
@FS_Yusuf “ I love the protuberant prejudicial profiling and ethnic-baiting in this grammatically challenged trash.
“BIAFRAN Boys.” We are gradually splitting this country by our very own hands.”
@Nefertiti “ Forget Ibraheem Al-Hassan’s video cliff, it’s BIAFRANS capitalized for me. Like Abaribe wud say; “Biafran boys slur; shows in their minds, the war is not over yet. It was exactly how the Rwandan Genocide started. Some people were profiled as cockroaches. Igbos shouldn’t let this slide.”
@ItsKristonV “ If a non-Igbo Federal Government staff can freely, officially and openly call Igbos Biafran boys, why then are they shooting and arresting Igbo youths for calling themselves Biafrans?

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