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Nollywood actress, Shan George has taken sides with Grammy Award-winning singer,  Burna Boy over the shooting at Cubana club, saying that he did not commit any crime.

Shan George stated this in an Instagram post on Monday after the married woman whose husband was shot took to Instagram to share her side of the story.

TORI reported the Lagos State Police Commissioner’s Special Squad detained five policemen attached to Burna Boy for attempted murder after they shot two clubbers Lawrence Irebami, the husband of the woman Burna Boy allegedly made sexual advances to and another identified simply as Tolu, at Club Cubana in Lagos on June 8.

Breaking her silence in an Instagram post on Sunday, Lawerence’s wife, identified as Briella, stated that she was still traumatised over the event and her husband and his best friend are still healing from the wounds inflicted on them.

Reacting to her statement, Shan George said that the Burna Boy did not commit any crime because he was not holding the gun that fired the shots, adding that the law does not function on sentiments.

She wrote: “Very sad about this incidence. Sorry sweetheart. Tho I can’t see Burna Boy’s crime in all of it. From ur story, He wasn’t holding a gun, nor shot a gun, nor quarrel wit ur friends.

“There was a shot/shots fired and Everybody was leaving and even ur friends left u behind, shouldn’t Burna Boy try to leave as well? Is d fact that he as a single guy saw a babe and likes her a crime? D law does not function on sentiments. Report to d right quarters and take it up before d law, wit evidence. Let d law take its course. Simple. Na night club we dey talk about o, wit drinks and crowd.”

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