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Coronavirus claims its youngest UK victim


Craig Ruston, father-of-two who was fighting motor neurone disease (MND) has become the youngest person to die after testing positive for coronavirus in the UK.

Ruston, from Kettering, died on Monday morning, six days after he became ill with a chest infection that was confirmed as COVID-19.

The 45-year-old was among 14 further people to have died in England by Tuesday, bringing the UK’s total number of coronavirus-related deaths to 71.

He had been writing a popular blog about his battle with MND, a degenerative and terminal neurological condition he was diagnosed with in 2018.

The footwear designer’s wife Sally informed his followers and friends on Tuesday of his death, saying: “My amazing Craig passed away yesterday morning at 6.20am. We are truly heartbroken.”

She said his “fight with MND was not ready to be over”, despite doctors giving him two years to live after his 2018 diagnosis.

“Craig was not ready to go,” she said.

“Still doing everything in his power to raise awareness and fight the fight for MND.

“How dare that Craig who was already facing this, the most vile and evil of diseases.”

She added that he wanted to donate his brain to the Oxford Brain Bank to be used for MND research when he died, but because he died from coronavirus this cannot happen.

“He’d give anything in the name of research,” she said.

“Sadly this can no longer happen. How dare this virus take this from Craig.”


  • Coronavirus: Mother’s shock as nine-month-old son contracts COVID-1

Cassian’s mother says he had a fever but no cough and she and her husband are well – so they were shocked when he was diagnosed.

The nine-month-old with coronavirus

Myroslava Coates’ nine-month-old baby Cassian was diagnosed with coronavirus on Monday.

She and her husband Callum are now self-isolating with him at their home in Manchester.

The concerned mother told Sky News what the whole ordeal has been like.

Cassian’s been poorly for a few days so we took him to the doctors. He’s had a chest infection before so I think that’s how we got an appointment, it’s been difficult to get them.

When we got there, we had to go through special measures and ring a certain number for them to let us in. The waiting room actually had a big sign up saying “suspected case”.

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