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Coronavirus: How A Man’s Life Doesn’t Depends On What He Acquires

  • Coronavirus: A Man’s Life Doesn’t Depends On What He Acquires (Luke 12 :15)

  • As the world’s giants are rattled

  • Africans to the rescue staring from Nigeria – and in Alaigbo

At a time when countries of the world have acquired enough military weapons to defend their territories and inhabitants. At a time when the world seems to be highly advanced in all facets of greatness and power with leading world powers in good political shape and enjoying economic boom At a time when the world is sophisticated enough with GSM and GPS to live like a global village. At a time when American drone located and crushed Iran’s Army General in far away Iran. At a time when science and technology seem to enjoy remarkable success and breakthroughs.

At a time when worshippers and believers in God have their gatherings scattered at every turn of eyes world over. At a time when the world is growing with plans for a better future Coronavirus or Covid-19 has hit the world hard and rattled the giants Nations of the time. Covid -19 has put it to man that his life does not depend on all he is acquiring. Money, science, technology, education and weapons of war – all not just enough to safeguard man on earth.

Coronavirus has brought it to the notice of man that the world is not a paradise and that he is vulnerable to serious attacks capable of ruining his future. It is also an indication that religions of the world are not yet there. The question now is: Where are the religious champions such as the Confucius Philosophers, the Hindus gods, goddesses and spiritists, the Buddhist monks, the Catholic priests and their counterparts in other churches, the Islamic Sheiks and Imams, the Pentecostal miracle evangelists and the native doctors and their deities and shrines?

Really, Coronavirus has exposed the lapses of man of this age. The massive weapons of war stockpiled by world powers are of no use if they can’t be used to secure lives from a deadly pestilence. The bottom line however is that man still need to work hard not in the area of acquiring weapons of war but to dig deep towards God. Coronavirus is an indication that man of this time is not close to God. It is time for man to humble himself and rush back to God but that should be done on a fresh ground that God is evolving.

As a Christian, I have said it and will continue to say it that the present system of Christianity is not strong enough to draw man closer to God. The present system of Christianity is suffering from man’s love for position of authority and love for money. The emphasis of Christian leaders is how to hold on to position of authority and continue to rake money from adherents. They are not interested in creativity for greater knowledge. They are not concerned by the need to create and bequeath goodwill that can bring about righteousness, good leadership and desirable change on the people. That is why nothing seems to be working in Christian dominated places that like Nigeria and Alaigbo.

Africa, Nigeria and Ndigbo have to rise up to rescue the world from the unhealthy religious situation by reviving Christianity and move it back to the West and other parts of the world. David Bruce Day, a British social crusader in Nigeria is of the vision that the future of the world belong to Africa as according to him the West is lost out in the ocean of wordiness.

By His Grace, I am into the crusade to revive Christianity and i am making a headway hence this message. I am therefore calling on like-minds who have seen the failure of the various Christians denominations to join me. Let’s champion a more workable Christianity that can give Ndigbo the best of service, give Nigeria situation a good fight with emphasis on elimination of corruption in the country and move Africa to the next level by given the world something good from Africa stuff.

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