Did Chinese Doctors Confirm Africans Are Genetically Resistant to Coronavirus?

Misinformation about the coronavirus outbreak seems to have traveled farther than the virus itself.

In early 2020, an outbreak of new coronavirus in Wuhan, China, sparked fears that the virus could cause a pandemic. It also inspired a significant amount of misinformation.

For example, on Feb. 17, 2020, the website falsely reported that a Cameroonian college student studying in China contracted coronavirus but recovered “because of his blood genetic composition which is mainly found in the genetic composition of subsaharan Africans.”


Kem Senou Pavel Daryl, the 21-year-old Cameroon national studying in China, recently infected with Coronavirus was released from hospital cured of the virus, Afriupdate reports.

Doctors seeking for a cure to treat the dreadful virus were amazed to see Senou still alive and fit even after contacting the virus which has claimed thousands of lives since it broke out in Wuhan couple of weeks ago.

The Chinese doctors “confirmed” that Senou stayed alive because of his blood genetic composition which is mainly found in the genetic composition of subsaharan Africans.

The Chinese doctors also said that he remained alive because he has black skin, the antibodies of a black are 3 times stronger, powerful and resistant compare to that of white.

Zanomoya Mditshwa an African doctor shared his opinion saying black man is indestructible.

“Caucasians is always at war with our black skin because they know our melanin is our defense against all that they throw at us.

This proves yet again that the black man is indestructible, our bodies are made of the same substances that make up this Earth because we are owners of this universe they will never wipe us off, history has already proved that,” he said.

If such a claim, that people from African backgrounds are more resistant to coronavirus than others, were true, however, one would expect it to be a major news story.

Instead, it’s being reported exclusively in viral social media posts and junk sites.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), anyone who comes into close contact with someone infected with the coronavirus is at risk for contracting it.

That said, it is true that Kem Senou became ill after contracting coronavirus and was hospitalized.

His recovery was not the result of a superior immune system possessed by people hailing from African countries but, according to news reports, rounds of antibiotics and other drugs.

As BBC News reported, Senou recovered after being placed in isolation for 13 days. “The CT scan showed no trace of the illness.

He became the first African person known to be infected with the deadly coronavirus and the first to recover. His medical care was covered by the Chinese state.”

As of this writing, the coronavirus outbreak has killed 1,770 people in mainland China.

Millions of people are currently quarantined in and around Wuhan in an effort to contain the virus.

So far, more than 71,000 people have been sickened worldwide. In mid-February, Egypt announced it had the first-reported case in Africa but later turned out to be negative.

Algeria later had the first confirmed case earlier this week.

Just yesterday, the Nigerian Minister of Health reported  the first confirmed case in the country involving an Italian visitor in Lagos.

Consequent, at least 28 persons are currently being quarantined though no confirmed case has been reported so far.

Meanwhile, the cement company he worked for, Lafarge, has initiated medical protocol at its Ewekoro Plant in Ogun State in the wake of the discovery that one of its consultants is sick with the deadly disease.

Lafarge disclosed this in a statement issued on Friday by its Director of Communications, Public Affairs and Sustainable Development, Ms. Folashade Ambrose-Medebem.

In the meantime, an Italian- Nigerian player, King Paul Akpan Udoh has become the first footballer to be infected with the virus .

King Paul currently plies his trade with Pianese, an Italian Serie C side.

The Pianese forward was diagnosed of the disease on February 27, and he has been quarantined.


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