Home Nigeria Emotions fly as soldier that called out Buratai was arrested

Emotions fly as soldier that called out Buratai was arrested


Nigerians have reacted adversely after Lance Corporal Martins, the soldier that called out the Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Tukur Buratai was arrested within the week.

Emotions fly as soldier that called out Buratai was arrested

A former Director of Strategy/Communication under President Goodluck Jonathan, Mr. Jackson Ude published the video which is produced below.

Introducing the video, Mr. Ude tweeted:

In December 2018, some Nigerian soldiers refused to deploy to Maiduguri to fight Boko Haram. They were all driven in a military truck to Mogadishu Barracks, Abuja.

They were severally tortured and locked up. 8 of them died from the torture and the military covered it up till date

Lance Cpl Martins who made the video against the military chiefs that went viral must not die.

Buratai and his gang of thieves have killed more soldiers by stealing resources meant for arms and welfare of military men.

After almost 40yrs in service, he has nothing more to offer!”


Nigerians react

TimDocThumbs up @TimDoc4

This act is mutiny and is punishable by death but He dammed the consequences to speak out.
It speaks volumes of the mess Nigeria is entangled in. The young officer has sacrificed his life for the sake of Truth and Justice.

iexcel @chijioke_david

This soldier is a hero, we should not allow this man to die. The impunity is at a level never seen in the history of this country. Nobody speaks in Nigeria now without being arrested or killed in some funny way. Is this the change Nigeria voted? I am ashamed too my broda

Frank_baronCrown @franklin2times

Nigeria gives me so much pain..A country with no clear vision. Some will say the Lance corporal should have shown loyalty to who? Nigeria or the failed system. The Nepotism openly displayed by this Government is heart breaking.

EliteCommando (PhD) by Affidavit @Chydotech

Sometimes i wished i was a soldier/policeman in Nig. Why do blacks hate 2 make sacrifices. Cant an officer sacrifice his life &send pple like Buratai to whr they hv sent other soldiers.Use ur gun where it fits.Stop pointing riffles at citizens but at ur senior officers/politicians

Amotekun_Sw @AmotekunSw

They done that before.. remember Face with raised eyebrow

All the military coups Woozy face since 1966

chaegame king @KingChaegame

For the love of his dear country Nigeria he did this, but little does he know Nigeria is lost and irredeemable. The Fulani’s have their own plan.

Augustine Okoloise @AustinOkoloise

This guy will court martialed , he will be charged for insubordination and mutiny .

Lagos REALTOR @tobyrozay

And they called Abacha a villain

Mr. Integrity @AjammaS

Northern Muslims won’t talk about it because the army chief is their son, brother, uncle and husband.

KFire @kendragon101

The flogging no go easy o!

umeh onyi @umehonyi

The atrocities perpetrated under buhari’s babagriga is just beyond imagination

LEAH is ALIVE @Breakev01024832

I like his bravery. He is a soldier indeed. God will fight for him.

ibddonFlag of Nigeria @ibddonn

I smell a coup coming. We hope it kills the right people

Buhari òmó ibadan/Abeokuta @olugbadebuhari_

Heard he has been arrested

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