Gov. Obiano’s Police Games: An expensive Eyesore!

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With a rumored budget of about 2.5 billion Naira doled out by the Obiano led Government for hosting the Police Games in Anambra State, one would have thought that it would be all well and good…. If you did, then you will be disappointed as everything Obiano touches, seems to go sour just like sticking a finger into an egusi soup in the night to steal meat

First off, the idea to host such an event was wrong on all calibrations as it is known that Obiano cares not for Sports which is evident in the fact that out of about 5,000 SSAs, SAs, EAs and other weird nomenclature under his employ, Obiano has ZERO appointee on Sports ie NOT ONE PERSON!

He also has no Commissioner for Sports either! .. Bear these points in mind

Secondly, ever since Dr Chris Ngige, Anambra State had Sports Festivals which is bigger than this Police Games and helped churn out stars for Nigeria across every game… That festival died under Obiano and has never taken place till date, since after the year he resumed office

Thirdly, Anambra State is the only State in the South East if not Nigeria, to have any State owned Stadium and functional equipment to host any game at all so this idea of hosting this event, shows a clear lack of self awareness, utter sense of shamelessness and an intense addiction to media jingoism, which unfortunately for him, no longer works on Ndi Anambra…

With these in mind, we analyze just how much Obiano has disgraced Anambra, the Light of the Nation and indeed South East as confided in me by my good friends and sources who are also participants in this event:

1. Accommodation

The fundamental issue to hosting any big event is the question of accommodation. The designated camps allotted to participants have been far from ideal as it is clear that Obiano never planned to host this event in advance, rather, it appears to be another stunt pulled in order to win points with the security outfit. Majority of the camps were still being painted even as the participants were checked in. These people who came from all over Nigeria, some have represented the Country internationally, were made to inhale fresh paint fumes which are disastrous to human health.

It is know that no human should be near a freshly painted room or equipment till at least after 72hrs as such exposed triggers asthma, causes nausea, headaches and dizziness (as reported by most of the participants) as well as other respiratory issues, all of which will hinder any athlete from performing at the optimal best

2. Allowances

No single athlete so far in Anambra State has been paid camping allowance. This allowance is statutory and in line with the IOC guidelines but the now, nobody has received a fake naira note, talk less of a washed up kobo coin to that regards. This is an utter embarrassment and very inhumane. What image will these people leave Anambra State with?

3. Lack of training equipment

It is the sole duty of the host community to provide every piece of equipment needed by the athletes to train and keep fit ahead of the games but because Obiano doesn’t know anything about stuffs like this, neither does he have anybody sensible enough near him to direct him appropriately, these athletes are currently pissed off at the shoddy state of things, which makes the whole event look like a scam more or less.

4. Welfare

The state of welfare of these guys are truly shocking as the food is well below par and total lack of fumigation has mosquitoes running relays on them which affect them psychologically

5. Readiness of venues

As we speak, venues for most major events like swimming and track and field, are still being given finishing touches. This is because Obiano never planned on hosting this event if not, this falls under the purview of the Commissioner for Sports not a charlatan who heads an ineffective and rubber stamp commission, to organise, supervise and ascertain the readiness of every venue at least 2 weeks before the kickoff date … This is most embarrassing. This is why Swimming has been shifted from Rojenny Games village Oba, to Asaba in Delta State

NB: Kindly find attached the official memo of the schedule and note that Golf and Swimming are taking place in Asaba Delta State.. Is Asaba now part of Anambra State?

PS: Sir Ernest Azudialu Obiejesi (Nestoil) has an fully equipped international standard golf course in Okija, I have been there myself … So why wasn’t Okija used? Perhaps, because it is a private property and thus, Obijackson didn’t want to risk his personal security to satisfy a planless man

In conclusion, Obiano should know that hosting an event is not about snapping pictures and having brain dead noisemakers creating a funny hashtag to disturb the peace on social media, it is serious business.

Now the question is:


If Obiano had consulted Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah, who is the biggest Sports stakeholder in Nigeria and Africa at the moment, he would have been properly schooled on how to save face but it is too late, as everybody can now see what we have been going through in the state… A total lack of planning and foresight in the execution of things with total dependence on media abracadabra by the charlatans

The Police Games hosted by Obiano has surely made history as the Most Disastrous Event Ever in the South East!

Let us bow our heads in shame and cry for ourselves

©Ugochukwu ‘Thanos’ Ifeanyi
Media/Sports Consultant
Nnewichi Nnewi
Anambra State

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