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Group Decries Media Propaganda Against APGA


It is quite unfortunate that media miscreant are now looking for cheap propaganda to sway the existing harmony , peace,security and all the good inputs of this current APGA-led government under the leadership of Governor Willie Obiano

Our attention has been drawn to the misconstrued lies and unguided pronouncements by the Controversial AIF media Eneh Victor Chigozie, and in light of this we wish to make certain statements to shed clarity on the issue.

We would like to call on all true sons and daughters of Nnewi to ignore these ill-sponsored fabrications by desperate souls.

Importantly , our people have the right to know who actually killed the domestic fowl. Emeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu was never betrayed by APGA during the said election, APGA gave Emeka the party ticket to run for the election, sadly Ifeanyi Ubah who was and still is desperate to become the next Governor of the state, chose to flaunt himself for Goodluck Jonathan through TAN, hoping to be compensated in the next state guber had it been PDP won the presidential election.

He personally masterminded the rigging of the election to favour the PDP candidate in the person of Hon. Chris Azubogu, with his contacts as CONTACT AND MOBILIZATION FIELD MARSHAL FOR PDP, thereby robbing the same Emeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu of his election win to the Federal House.

This he did to hopefully gain more favor for himself for his future selfish ambition of becoming the state governor. Unfortunately for Ifeanyi Ubah, after he successfully rigged Emeka out, his plans for himself did not materialize.

Indeed we all saw what happened and how the same PDP dealt with him later during the next primary election. This is simply because they saw in him an arrogant loose cannon that cannot be trusted to wield power with decorum and decency.

Moreover, it was this same APGA that gave Hon. Chris Azubogu his first ticket to run for Federal house of Reps. It was during Azubogus second tenure that he left the party with the excuse that he wanted to align with the party that controls power at the centre.

And we all know, it was the same Ifeanyi Ubah that was used to champion the rigging of that particular election.

On the fabricated fallacies about Bianca, permit me to state it clearly that Bianca was afforded the opportunity to contest for the senate like other party members who indicated interest and met the party’s constitutional requirements for contesting under the party.

This was done in other to sustain the inclusive stand of the party which remains, to accommodate everyone who identifies with the party. I don’t see any reason whatsoever why anyone should lay any blame on the party for any aspirant who lost at the primaries.

May I remind you all that Emeka was afforded the same opportunity and won his primaries. What we saw in APGA in those two examples, was evidence of true democracy. No sacred cows.

It is laughable that the same man who showed complete disrespect to the legacy of Ojukwu by trying to have himself given the title Ikemba Nnewi, as if he was worthy of such lofty aspirations, now wants to preach to Ndi Nnewi about how the same Ojukwu has allegedly been disrespected by APGA.

The claim pertaining to Ifeanyi Ubah’s disqualification should not be misconstrued. Ifeanyi should have known and studied the constitution of the party he belonged to.

Ifeanyi did not meet the basic requirements for the party to be eligible to contest in the said election. Indeed he is still being dogged by similar issues of ineligibility in his current bid to retain his senatorial seat.

He was therefore disqualified by APGA on this ground and I wonder why someone will be advocating for a party to squash their constitution to satisfy a single person.

Ifeanyi should learn to be a party faithful and not always attempt to jump the queue and demand to be made the “chairman” of every occasion. Every party has a constitution which determines it’s modus operandi and APGA is no exception.

Let it be known that no party has effected more lives or made the amount of positive impact in Nnewi than APGA has. Today hundred foot road erosion menace could have torn Nnewi apart, if not for the quick intervention of the state governor.

The erosion site is becoming history making, yet this gang of media jobbers will not tell the people about the Obiano intervention.

I won’t go on to list all that Apga has done in Nnewi here, but in due time I will do justice to that.

Let it be known that the attack against Apga is merely to deceive the people.

Apga represents the spirit of Nwanne and it has impacted greatly on it’s mission to give Ndigbo a platform of their own.

Like every other political party, Apga has it’s shortcomings but I say again that as a party, it has impacted more lives in Anambra than any party before it and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future.

Ndi Nnewi, no mind these people o! Them be complete 419!

More facts and figures of what his Excellency has done in Nnewi is loading!!


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