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Nollywood actress and social media influencer, Halima Abubakar has revealed how she now handles people who give her bad vibes. In a blunt tweet recently, the actress who is also a United Nations Ambassador, also advised Nigerians to never be tribalistic.


“I will never be tribalistic..I love every Nigerian …And if you give me bad vibes,I will just ignore you for life..Don’t be tribalistic, my people.” Halima advised.

Halima Abubakar’s new found maturity may be a thing of surprise to many of her fans, who have always known her to be a ‘no nonsense’ actress; however recently, Halima revealed that she had dropped all of her stubbornness for a calmer and classy character. She dished out this piece of vital information in an interview she granted recently.


“Change is inevitable. I used to be very stubborn and emotional. (However), I don’t make excuses for my behaviour. Now, I have changed. I am very calm and classy now. I am mature in my thoughts and approach to life. I do not put my mouth or go to places where I am not needed. I am very loyal.” Halima revealed.

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