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Nigeria - Oduduwa - 2 weeks ago

IGBOHO narrates mystery surrounding his release, plans to come back home

Igboho said he was just playing draft when a policeman approached him with a paper from the presidency that he has been released.

The police told him to get his Lawyer to effect his release.
“It was like a dream when the police came with the papers , I told him I didn’t understand French. An Interpreter came to inform me that the Benin Republic

President has ordered my release. I saw my wife, Aderopo, my Lawyer, Salami and my father, Professor Banji Akintoye who later told me they are aware of my release and that they have perfected it before the information reached me. “

“I thank President Salon who took very good care of me. He told the Security Agents that nothing should harm me in the prison. I also thank my Lawyer for his loyalty and commitment to the struggles.”
Igboho expressed his profound gratitude to Professor Banji Akintoye and all Yoruba sons and daughters across the globe for standing by him.
He said he will soon stage a comeback to his fatherland.

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