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Ihedioha, David Lyon, Others & Yoke Of Near-Success Syndrome


In life, some people are naturally strong, tick-skinned and hard working, their blessings cannot come to fruition if they do not toil all days. Some succeed with little or no stress due to the natural favour inherent in them.

First Samuel, Chapter 2 verse 29 to 33, the Bible makes it explicitly clear that there are many people under this yoke of near-success syndrome. This spirit constantly works against the progress of its victims.

Some people’s successes often disappear after few months, example is that of Emeka Ihedioha. Stumbling blocks, strange problems, and enemies suddenly appear whenever some people are about to get to their breakthroughs, see that of David Lyon and Senator Audu, etc.

Once blessings are coming to some people’s way, they have strange dreams and the blessings become failures or lost.

Victims of the spirit are usually under the yokes of disappointment, failure, and unfulfilled promises. They rise today and fall tomorrow, and they live in depression, frustration, and sorrow, year after year.

Bayelsa State Governor-Elect, David Lyon

Simply put, bad things happen to victims of the spirit of near-success syndrome. The demon that brings failures to people when such people are at the edge of breakthrough never goes to sleep.

And one seriously important thing about this demon of near-success syndrome is that it usually has a connection with victims’ familial foundation. If there is or used to be a high level of witchcraft, occult, or dark practices in a particular family, success and breakthrough in that family become a really hard thing.

The demon of near-success syndrome can be activated or empowered if its victims are under family curse. Millions of people are still under the yokes of the spirit of near-success syndrome and many have been liberated from its bondage.

The recent political cases in Imo, Bayelsa, Zamfara, Kogi, Rivers, Anambra and Edo States both in the past and currently are indeed true reflection of near-success syndrome. It is recorded that Moses saw heaven but did not enter into it…why? Because the spirit of near-success syndrome metamorphosed into disappointment and failure hence, entangled him and his future.

In Imo state, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha became Governor only for seven months before he was unexpectedly and unceremoniously sacked from Douglas House. Some people may see this scenario as an ordinary thing due to their level of spiritual deficiency, but those who understand the things of the spirit will tell you that the ousted Governor may be suffering from the spirit of near-success syndrome.

The case of David Lyon of Bayelsa, Senator Audu of Kogi, Celestine Omehia of Rivers, Andy Ubah of Anambra, Prof Osumbor of Edo and APC palaver in Zamfara states are the worse scenes considering the fact that some died or failed before their testimonies came.

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