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IPOB: Nnamdi Kanu’s Position Paper On Biafra To EU Parliament Summates “Much Frustration And Pain Still Felt Almost 50 Years After The War”.

Nnamdi Kanu

In a paper presented by Mazi Kanu, to the European Union, EU, Parliament, made available by IPOB’s Deputy Leader, Uche Mefor, Kanu said that “after the Nigeria Biafra Civil war, Biafrans slowly rebuilt their world, but as far as Nigeria was concerned, they were not and never had been Biafrans, they were Nigerians from Southeast or Igbo-speaking Nigerians.” 

He said the “Biafran war was airbrushed out of the Nigerian consciousness. Biafrans could only whisper about their loss. Joining the global Biafran diaspora was one option for those who could get out of the country; others remained in Biafra land, their Biafran identity amongst themselves, undiminished.” 

He further stated that “Nigeria leaders particularly the present administration of Buhari continues to prioritize crushing assertions of Biafra identity has been the order of the day as even peacefully commemorating the war risks arrest, detention prohibited ill-treatment or being shot”

He alleged that “in recent years the Nigerian state authorities have conducted three orchestrated campaigns against Biafrans, and the three Operation Python Dance military operations have been battles targeted against the Biafrans, the first being in 2016 and the second in 2017 and the third that is ongoing, all designed to undermine calls for Biafra self-determination

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