Lack of history knowledge, cause of ethnic problem in Nigeria – Prince Adelegan Adegbola

A cultural expert, Prince Adelegan Adegbola, has disclosed that one the challenges causing ethnic misunderstanding in Nigeria today is lack of history knowledge.

Adegbola who is the Special Assistant on History and Culture to House of Oduduwa and the Royal Court of Ile Ife lamented that the absence of history studies in our school curriculum especially in the primary and secondary schools has created a big knowledge vacuum among the youth who may not know the proper history of their root.

Prince Adegbola who recently released a maiden edition of his publication, ‘Oduduwa Heritage Magazine’ said the need to create a viable platform where people’s culture is disseminated is important. He also noted that with a platform like a magazine, people will be able to know the cultural understanding and connection between one ethnic tribe to another.

Speaking with newsmen prior to the launch of the magazine soon, Prince Adegbola stated, “History, defined as the story of the past and that which we come to know as a result of enquiry, should not be limited to a simple record of what is known or believed to have occurred.

It should therefore, be concerned with examining, analyzing and explaining past events. In this our clime of uncertainty where falsehood is the order of the, we are convinced more than ever before that our people need to know more about the fundamentals of human creation, human race, human existence, history and civilization.”

About the magazine, he disclosed, “Oduduwa Heritage Magazine is a sectorally focused paper incorporating the history, culture, tradition, religion, belief systems, norms and values of the Yoruba people. It also focuses on the philosophy, literature, language, artefact and technology of the Oduduwa race.

All these are inculcated in the magazine to ameliorate the shortcoming and in quest to inform Nigerians and international community with the true accurate histories and culture of Yoruba people from the cradle and the source of the Yoruba nation.

Adegbola noted that his vision is to create an enduring legacy as the mouthpiece of the Oduduwa descendants and to make their cultural heritage a source of pride to the world. It will also cover and report cultural functions performed in Yoruba land that includes installation of traditional rulers, coronation anniversaries and other functions.

Other things inclusive will be prominent views by the custodian of people’s culture in relation to challenges in society at large, playing a major role in implementing cultural policies and helping to democratize culture for developmental goals.


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