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Amaka Ada Shares bitter stories how religion and teachers tagged her a witch


Nigerian lady took to Facebook and shared how religion and teachers who tagged her a witch in secondary school destroyed her marriage and life styles.

Amaka Ada Shares bitter stories how religion and teachers tagged her a witch

She wrote:

What HAPPENED Amaka? They always ask, why are you not religious like every other African?

If you attended to St. John of God Secondary school Awka in Anambra state, Nigeria between 2001 and 2007, you will remember me as GERTRUDE. You probably know this story very well but you may never have known it from my perspective.

According to them, I was that ‘queen of the coast’ sometime in 2004/2005. We had a new girl in our class who shared chewing gum on Valentine’s day, we all ate it, afterwards a lot of us were initiated into some marine spirit through the chewing gum. When they approached me with that theory, I DEBUNKED it and that was the beginning of my life. For some reason best known to the gossipers, the news blew up real quick spreading that I have already been initiated and became the QUEEN. I was only a teenager, I couldn’t even defend myself at this point.

A lot of friends deserted me, no one wanted to be associated with me and teachers feared to enter our class; SS1B. People will shout ‘HOLY GHOST FIRE’ when I pass by. They literally feared me. Some said that their pastors said something about me. Some said that they saw me in their dreams. Some said that I killed people. When a rat enter the hostel, it’s Gertrude. The crucifix I wore around my neck was from mamiwater. My beauty and intelligence came from the Marine world. Lots of stories…

What you don’t know is that I almost committed SUICIDE due to this stigma, I cried every day, it was too much for me to understand as a teenager.

At a point, priests and pastors were invited to the school to cast out the demons in me and some of my friends. GUESS WHAT, I ate very well that day even though the whole school was supposed to fast, I ate just so I dont fall from hunger while they prayed. And no the demon didn’t leave, does it mean that there was no demon or that their prayers didn’t work?

End of story? I was given an indefinite suspension on the ground that my presence in the school was causing CHAOS. I tried to enroll in next best girl’s government school in Awka: Amaenyi girls secondary school and I was turned away based on the report from St john.

The stigma never ended for me, I ended up in a private school and the news got there afterwards. Most students there also avoided me because they were SCARED of me. I believe the whole town at that time heard about me but dont really know me. I would be in a public bus and hear people talking about me, yet I didnt know that me they speak of.

Even when my marriage ended with no child in 2014, my ex husband(very smart professor) used that story to get pity from people. He told people that I was actually a WITCH since secondary school who prevented him from having a child.

While all these were going on, I continued going to church even deeper; joined charismatic renewal, always receiving holy communion….so that I can feel safe, feel God or just so the spirit they were talking about dont get to me. Did it work? NO. There was a time I wished I had the powers they claimed I had, I would have done things to these people for real not just in their dreams.

I have best friends and family who are religious, I dont have anything against them personally cos I love them dearly. For the most part, religious people are very judgmental and that’s DANGEROUS to the society. There are rarely religious people who dont judge others that doesn’t share their delusions.

Question I always ask myself: WHAT IF I WAS QUEEN OF ANY COAST? Is that a way to treat any human being? I am not angry with God or Devil cos I dont believe in their existence. I believe in the existence of good and bad people like you and I. Pls DON’T BE SORRY, BE AWAKE!

In RETROSPECT, I do not blame those teenagers. I blame religion, I blame the teachers, I blame the gullible priests, I blame clueless pastors, I blame the adults who indoctrinate their children to hate others of different beliefs, and I blame the society who allows religion to be acceptable mental illness.

Amaka GERTRUDE Oguguo, my story! The story that made me a HUMANIST.




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