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Nnewi Community Exonerates Senator Ifeanyi Ubah, Slams His Traducer & Their Son—Acobarry


A community, Ndiakwu-Otolo in Nnewi, Anambra State has lambasted one of their sons, Mr Onyedika Chukwuma, popularly known as Acobarry, over the incessant backlash on Senator Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah who they referred to as “our dignified son”.

Ndiakwu community unleashed the onslaught against Acobarry in a communiqué issued on Saturday in Nnewi which is produced below:


stakeholders and leaders of Ndiakwu Otolo Nnewi community, We thought it wise to resolve worrisome issues, Mr Onyedika Chukwuma (Acobarry), has raised against Senator Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah, who has been kind to him despite his unbecoming disposition.

We have in the recent past noted with disappointment, the incessant and unwarranted verbal abuse on our sons in the persons of Senator Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah and Hon. Chris Azubuogu by Mr Onyedika Chukwuma (Acobarry), who happens to be an indigene of our community, Ndiakwu Otolo Nnewi.

We want to state categorically, that we have no hands in such despicable and unpatriotic attitude of the aforementioned fellow, whose trade in stock has been blackmail, just to tarnish the image of our distinguished sons, who represent our Senatorial zone and our immediate Federal Constituency.

We, today have resolved to take all necessary measures to ensure that Mr Onyedika Chukwuma (Acobarry) stops forthwith in carrying out such unfounded blackmail, or prepare for legal actions against his actions and inactions. We react based on his recent voice note on social media platforms, where he said that Senator Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah should leave him alone or he will teach him a political lesson he will never forget.

This statement to us as a community shows that he is an overgrown baby elephant, who does not know his compass in the political circles of Anambra mainstream politics. We leave him to his ignorance, but his stupidity should have limits.

We hereby resolved as follows.

1. To ensure he is kept in check without the violation of his fundamental human rights.

2. To stand as a third force against any of such lies, he gushes out again in the name of freedom of speech, because this time around, he will be asked to prove it beyond reasonable doubt, as Senator Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah is our kith and kin (Nwadiani)

3. To stop blackmailing Senator Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah his benefactor, whom he still uses the vehicle given to him, by Senator Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah till date. It is of note that his unbecoming personality as an indigene of the community, who has been fighting the community and creating mayhem and breech of public peace in our community will be put straight to deter others who may want to tow the same line in future.

4. We will not want to join issues with Mr. Onyedika Chukwuma. But the truth remains that, Senator Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah, told us that he gave him some Christmas gifts like cow, bags of rice etc last year Christmas 2019, which is supposed to be handed over to the National President of Ndiakwu Otolo Nnewi community which was not received by the community, even though we are not going into this.

5. To forthwith stop saying in any forum or space that Senator Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah is owing him, because in the true sense of it. He still owes Senator Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah, who was instrumental to his donating a toilet to St Christopher Anglican Church Ndiakwu during his birthday and many other goodies our Distinguished Senator has given him in the recent past.

6. In all, Ndiakwu Otolo Nnewi Community demands an unconditional apology from Mr Onyedika Chukwuma (Acobarry) in writing to Senator Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah and Hon Chris Azubuogu for all the tantrums he has been throwing in the name of freedom of speech, within the next 24hrs or face Legal actions from Ndiakwu Otolo Nnewi Community, so that he explains to us where the gifts Senator Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah, gave our community last Christmas is.

Prince Hon. Jude Osumouh (FCAI) JP. National President Ndiakwu Otolo Nnewi community

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