Republicans take action after Nancy Pelosi rips up Donald Trump’s speech

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The unfolding political intrigues in the United States are getting more exciting as the North American country moves closer to its 2020 presidential election.

Republican lawmakers in the House of Representatives have taken an action against the speaker, Nancy Pelosi, for tearing up a copy of President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address on Tuesday, February 4.

According to Fox News, the lawmakers introduced a resolution to condemn the speaker’s action.

The lawmakers said Nancy’s action brought “discredit on the House,” adding that resolution will be considered latest Friday, February 7.

Just as the US lawmakers applauded President Trump after delivering his State of the Union speech on Tuesday, Pelosi ripped the statement handed over to her by the president.

Her action came after Trump turned around to shake hands with the lawmakers seated behind him but snubbed the speaker who offered him a handshake.

The speaker in what appeared to be savagery, tore the statement she received from Trump into half while others applauded.

Also, Trump who appeared not to have noticed Pelosi’s action joined the lawmakers and those present to clap as he stepped down from the podium where he gave the speech.

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