Top Six Reasons Why You May Never Make Money Blogging

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You’re either new to blogging or you’ve been blogging for a while now and probably think you know everything there is to know about it.

You’ve probably learned how to use WordPress…or Blogger and have been playing around with it creating a good looking design.

You’ve even published several posts with a target of going viral, generating traffic and making money.

But it doesn’t happen that way, right? No success. Duh… Looking back at all the months spent blogging, no one cares about what you put out there; no one reads your post.

Are you not forgetting something? I mean you may be missing out on something:

Your readers.

I know the excitement that comes with owning a blog and putting out content to make quick bucks, but to save you from making any more blogging mistakes, here are a few mistakes you should avoid:

1. You are not concerned about Finding and growing a Niche

What is your blog about?

Tech? News? Business? Food?
Lots of new bloggers fall into the trap of writing whatever the hell that comes in their head. A passion, or niche can not only help boost your traffic but also grow your audience.

Look for what you’re good at and write about it.

2. Blogging for the Money
So you want quick money blogging? I hate to break it to you but blogging isn’t for you pal.

All of the people who jump into blogging while dreaming of $$$ hardly ever succeed.


This is because blogging is a skill that takes passion as a prerequisite. Getting listed on Google alone might take about 2 months. Without the passion to create valuable content and using the required marketing strategy to achieve great traffic, you will be disappointed in the long run.

The race for quick wealth can often lead to many mistakes; don’t let blogging be one of them.

3. Copying Other People’s Content
We call it plagiarism. That’s right.

So many new bloggers come along the statement “Content is King” and end up pumping out lots of low-level content by copying other people’s work without due credit.

Do you know what happens after that? All the effort generally goes to waste because search engines don’t rank these low-quality posts compared to better higher quality ones.

Never sacrifice quality for quantity and always keep in mind that one good solid post is a lot better than a bunch of low-quality ones. Besides, with the advancement of search engine algorithms, bottom feeders that go about copying people’s content are easily latched out. Don’t make that mistake. Create your content.

4. Too Many Ads
I know you will agree with me that most ads that show up on web pages are not only painfully irritating but also annoying. Truth is, too many ads are not just bad for users but for S.E.O as well.

Want to drive traffic and keep your visitors coming back to your blog, don’t use too many Ads.

5. Your blog lacks User-friendliness
A number of new bloggers seem to be so focused on traffic that they never stop to look at the design of their blog.

Your blog shouldn’t be a maze to navigate through. It should be designed in a way that is easy for the user and in a way in which it properly displays your content.

Ever stopped to take a look at your font? How about your blog’s color combination?

People come to blogs to gain information, if your blog is unreadable then there’s no point of it even being there.

6.Not promoting your blog
Have you ever wondered how most blogs usually end up on the first page of Google search, and others don’t?

Hard work!

A key mistake so many new bloggers make is relying so much on search engines and nothing else. Let me remind you that there are millions of blogs on the web; hence it would require you to put in the work in order to get to the top. The more you promote your blog, the more backlinks you earn and the higher you will get ranked. It’s that simple.

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